01. Strategic

Determining the actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions.

02. Professional

Commitment, confidence, responsibility dependability, honesty and ethics.

03. Experienced

Skilled and knowledgeable as the result of active participation or practice.

the why

Proven Experience

Gx Consulting exists to efficiently bring and retain tested and proven government executive experience to the government-to-government and business-to-government work spaces on a contract basis. Gx Consulting provides a simple yet powerful mechanism to bring this pool of diverse experience to a wide range of public policy projects, with the ability to draw and configure teams of talent as needed. Term limited elected officials frequently leave public office at the top of their experience and productivity. Gx Consulting enables policy leaders and program managers to continue to draw on this unique and valuable experience, preserving this well-tested experience for public benefit.

the method


Gx Consulting contacts former elected officials and government executives to determine their interest in continuing their service through a contractual agreement with the Company. Former elected officials and government executives are welcomed and encouraged to reach out to Gx Consulting to learn more. Contractual work with Gx Consulting is non-exclusive.

Gx Consulting’s staff interviews each prospective consultant and researches the policy work done by them, each of whom are experienced former public elected officials or government executives with public policy experience.

Following a successful interview, prospective consultants are invited to specify a narrow range of policy areas in which they have both documented experience and continued interest in consulting for, as well as their commitment of time they are willing to consult, and their range of acceptable compensation. Invited consultants are given password access to Gx Consulting resources at no cost to the consultant.

Consultants are connected to information on current and potential contracts, industry news, emerging topics, and items of general government executive interest.

Consultants are encouraged to develop and maintain professional networks to expand their capabilities and resources. Opportunities for networking will be developed by the Company.

The pool of consultants will vary over time, with Gx Consulting working to build and maintain a comprehensive range of policy experience for its clients.
Meeting Client Needs

Clients are able to review on-line the range of services available through Gx Consulting, which are drawn from the specified policy areas compiled from its Consultants.

Clients who are considering the services of Gx Consulting contact the company and may provide a Request for Proposal including a Statement of Work, which may be uploaded through this website. Or as we prefer, Gx Consulting leadership meets with Clients to present and discuss company capabilities and address questions.

If the Client’s purchasing process permits, Gx Consulting meets with the prospective client’s team to fully understand the Statement of Work before developing its Proposal, or as a minimum participates in the Clients Statement of Work Inquiry process.

Gx Consulting contacts one of more of its consultants and develops a customized proposal in a timely basis for fulfilling the Client’s needs.

Gx Consulting conforms to the purchasing and contract award processes of the Client.

Contracts may be of any duration and scope, subject to the capabilities of the Gx Consulting Contractor(s).

Introductions of Gx Consulting services to potential clients by any third party are welcomed and appreciated. Gx Consulting follows through in a timely manner on all introductions and referrals.

the Who

The Founder and Vice President of Operations

Norm Steen

Norm Steen


Norm founded Gx Consulting LLC on the premise that term-limited and retiring elected officials and government executives have much to offer the public interest through their continued service. Commercial and government interests are both served by preserving and harnessing the experience of former elected officials and government executives. The general public is best served when governments and businesses work efficiently together.

With his academic and work experience in both public service and business development, Norm and his team continue to develop networks of former government officials and executives to expand the capabilities of Gx Consulting to better serve its clients throughout Colorado and beyond.

Norm’s background and experience has prepared him well for this task. He served more than 32 years in the US military, retiring at the rank of Brigadier General in 2010. He operates from a strong background in strategic leadership and organizational development, policy development and execution, built around strong collaboration and team building. With most that service in the Army National Guard, he had time for business development as well.

In 1993 he opened his first franchise of a multi-state commercial logistics services company, a company he expanded and led for nearly 20 years. With service offices in three states, his company provided global business-to-business in-bound and out-bound logistics services through contracts with more than 30 regional, national, and international carriers. He attributes the strong business relationships with customers and contract carriers as key to his successful business development. He sold his business interests over time and returned to his love of public service in 2012, when he ran for public office.

Most recently, Norm served as a two-term elected County Commissioner for Teller County Colorado, working on many state, regional, and national policy boards and committees. In addition to leading and advocating for his county, his policy work affected state legislation and budgets, transportation planning and policy, telecommunications infrastructure, aid to needy families, inter-governmental policy and collaboration, veterans affairs and advocacy, non-profit philanthropy and programs, and many other areas. Much of his state public policy work focused through Colorado Counties Inc. (CCI) where he served as Chair of the Transportation and Telecommunications Legislative Steering Committee, testifying before legislative committees many times on matters affecting counties statewide. On the regional level, he worked extensively with other elected officials and staff through the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG), where he served as Chair from 2018-2019. At the national level, Norm served on the National Association of Counties (NACo) Transportation Committee and Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, making many working visits to federal policy makers in Washington DC over the years. Norm was term-limited as County Commissioner and left public office in January 2021.

With a degree in Economics, and advanced degrees in Public Administration and Strategic Studies, and more than 40 years of experience in building effective organizations, Norm is well equipped to assist other leaders build effective public policies and responsive high-functioning public organizations.

Norm has been a resident of Colorado since 1998 and resides with his wife, Cheryl, in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Roger Partridge

Roger Partridge

Vice President of Operations

Roger Partridge is the Vice President of Operations for Gx Consulting, LLC.  Before being elected in 2012 and 2016 as a Douglas County Commissioner in Colorado, Roger served two terms as a Planning Commissioner. He has a strong background in community planning, economic development and land use.

Using his experience in business, Roger has focused much effort on cost effective strategies; sound budgeting and staffing principles; building strong relationships thru regional cooperation and collaboration; and assuring high levels of service to the public.  Roger has also served on numerous boards and commissions with Commissioners, Mayors and Councilmembers along the Front Range of Colorado and across the state.  He has focused on regional and statewide approaches to problems with emphasis on bridging the gap between the urban/suburban and the urban/rural divide.

On the regional level, during his two terms as a County Commissioner, Roger served on the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) as a Board of Directors member, a member of the Budget and Finance Committee and a representative to the State Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC). He also served as a Board member for Colorado Counties, Inc (CCI), where he chaired the Land Use and Natural Resources Committee and sat as County representative on the Agricultural, Public Lands and Transportation committees.

Roger was also an invited member of the Colorado State University Extension Advisory Board, as well as a County representative with the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Council, the Northwest Douglas County Economic Development Council, and the Douglas County Fair Board and Partnership of Governments.

As a County Commissioner, Roger served as a Board member with the Denver South Economic Development Partnership and the E-470 Public Highway Authority, where he was also the Vice Chair and member of the Executive Committee. He served as Chair of the Engineering and Roadway Committee and Chair of the Operations and Communications Committee.

Roger was also an appointed member of the Colorado State Broadband Deployment Board, a committee member for the Agricultural and Rural Affairs committee and the Public Lands committee with the National Association of Counties and chair of the I-25 GAP Coalition (responsible for the I-25 expansion project) and the C-470 Coalition (working for the expansion of C-470).

Prior to his service as a two-term County Commissioner, Roger worked for over 30 years in the healthcare field as a physical therapist, primarily operating his own orthopedic and sports physical therapy office.  While receiving his bachelor’s degree in Health and Safety Education and a double master’s in Athletic Training and Physical Therapy, he worked at Purdue University, the University of Colorado, West Virginia University and with the New York Jets. 

Roger currently serves on the E-470 Foundation Board of Directors, the Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation Board of Directors and the Colorado State Public Safety Communications Subcommittee.

Roger has been a resident of Colorado since **** and resides with his wife, Nadine, in Sedalia, Colorado.