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Collaboration across public and private sectors of the economy, and between multiple layers of government, is essential to successful delivery of services to the public. That collaboration demands a breadth of knowledge and experience across multiple disciplines. Gx Consulting, through its network of former government executives, draws on years of practical government experience to deliver on its commitments.

Business to Government

Governments at all levels rely on businesses to provide a wide range of goods, services, and materiel.  In the competitive marketplace, the business that best understands the government need, and best meets that need at a competitive price has the best chance of being awarded the government contract. Gx Consulting assists business leaders to develop successful proposals because our consultants have led governments.  Our consultants have developed public budgets, created government programs, developed and improved public policy, advocated for changes in the law, and worked with business leaders in order to deliver services to the public.

Government to Government

Government has many levels—federal, state, county, municipal, special districts, even regional councils of government. Each level must work with all other levels to deliver the range of public services that we all have become accustomed to.  That process of collaboration between government levels is complex, can be cumbersome, and is governed by public law and agency policies. Gx Consulting assists government leaders and program managers in each level of government understand and work through those complexities, bringing efficiency and accountability to the result. Our consultants have years of experience in advising state and regional governments in matters of public policy, development of new public law, execution of policies that have budget pass-through, setting budget priorities, and converting problems into solutions.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

Experience has shown that the public is best served when governments and businesses work well together. Programs or projects that are jointly planned and executed by the government public sector and the business private sector, including the non-profit private sector, may be the best solution—combining business efficiency and innovation with government stability and funding. The process demands transparency, appropriate performance measures, and accountability. Gx Consulting successfully assists in this process because our consultants have years of executive experience with Public-Private Partnerships.